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Is voting real?

Every time the player sees a judge with the nickname in the show, the vote is got from the real player with that nickname.

If there reads 'computer' in the sign, instead of someone's nickname, then the vote is randomized. That happens in the case of not enough real players' votes. In that way we want to tell honestly the player when the vote is randomized.

I've had the same picture come up multiple times when voting. How is that possible?

There are several occasions when the player can see the same painting in the voting:

1) When the player proceeds to the second episode, all his paintings have to win twice (In the third episode, three times and so on).

2) When there are no real competitions in the queue, the paintings are randomized in the voting scene.

3) The competition design is async; meaning that the creator of the opponent painting is not competing at the same time. Only you are competing against their painting. The same painting may be an opponent for another player too.

What if my network connection breaks when I'm submitting the painting?

In case there are network problems during the upload, the painting is saved to the device and sent again on the next time the game is started. You should see the painting on the home screen then.